a job that I want now!

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You turned down a job offer because you were sure you were getting a better one…and then you didn’t.
What now? Can you get that offer back? Maybe.
Here’s your best shot at turning this situation around for you:
First of all, find out if the job is still open before you do anything. If so, contact the hiring manager you spoke to in the interview. Don’t go through HR—they aren’t known to be very forgiving of that kind of behavior. Besides that, HR doesn’t have the need to fill that spot that the hiring manager does. If you’ve been through the interview and gotten the offer, the hiring manager has seen that you’re a person who can solve a problem he has in the business.
When you speak to the hiring manager, accept responsibility. Say something like, “Mr. Manager, you have to understand, this is the first time I’ve been in this kind of a job search, and I was anticipating a couple of other offers, and I was uncomfortable because yours was the first I received, but upon pursuing some of these other www.boombeachhackcheatz.xyz positions a little farther, I have come to realize that I’ve made a terrible mistake in not accepting yours. I’d love to be reconsidered for it, and if I need to come in and interview again, I’m fine with that. I would just like the opportunity to discuss it with you and see if we can come to an agreement.”
One of the things you have to remember is that you have to help that manager feel that you’re not taking this job because it’s the only one left, and that you are committed to the job and won’t be leaving as soon as “something better” comes along. What it best electric kettle really comes down to is your ability to make that eye-to-eye connection with the hiring manager and communicate to him that you will honor the opportunity, that you were given a fair shake, and that you won’t leave.
If you can communicate this to the hiring manager, it is possible to get the offer reinstated—I’ve seen it happen, but it is difficult. It’s better to avoid this situation by being very thoughtful before you turn down any job offers.

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