“Act As-If Your Life Depended on it.”

• 1. “To become a Master of SpeedReading, first, you must follow the William James law: Act as-if, Think as-if, FEEL as-if, & Believe as-if you are already a SpeedReading Brainiac.”
• For the next few hours “be-an-actor”. How? Be a kid again and ‘play’ “Let’s Pretend!”
• 2. “Why, I’m not seven years old?”
• 3. “When you become an “actor”, learning a part (role) for a movie, tv or Broadway, you create a different “mindset” than being a student at a boring lecture.
• 4. There are many benefits to you. Acting ‘as-if’, makes learning easy, faster, and even fun. Tell yourself, “it’s a game, and I’ll go along with it for a few hours because ‘they’ say it will make learning SpeedReading baby easy.
• 5. “Now, here’s your role. Act ‘as-if’ you are an ‘A’ student who learns quickly, and remembers everything.
• 6. Act-Think-Feel-Believe ‘as-if’, you are a Brainiac, and most things you study & people you meet are interesting.
• 7. Notice how you S-m-i-l-e a lot to yourself & www.cookingfeverhackcheats.xyz/ to others. You have a strong sense of security, well-being, and know you always get whatever you set your mind on. Stuff comes easily to you.
• 8. People like you immediately and you enjoy helping kids & adults feel ‘good’ about themselves. It gives you a warm feeling. You have Aced school since megapolis hack cheats tool kindergarten.
• 9. Your instructors have you marked as a ‘leader’ in your career. Money is attracted to you, and life is so-o g-o-o-d.
• 10. This new Mindset (attitude) actually changes how you use your mind for the better. You automatically turn on your right-brain (hemisphere) for positive mental-movies.
• You are creative, & can mentally visualize your success in “being” a SpeedReader. Everything comes-easy-to-you.”
• 11. You recite this line to yourself: “learning is always about Experiencing & Doing.”
• 12. That means learning is Not “talking” about learning. Not asking questions about learning. Not being a ‘perfectionist’.
• 13. Finally, you know how to learn using these three elements.
a) Trial-And-Error. Remembering what works & not
repeating what does not produce my best results.
I recognize that failing is just “feedback” to succeed.
b) Cause-And-Effect. “The magic of success is in me.” There are rules, principles, and success strategies.
If I prepare, good things happen. share more content ‘Practice-makes-perfect.’ If I wing it, I get stressed, and choke.
c) Stimulus-Response. I choose how I will respond (react).
Control of my thoughts-behaviors-and-emotions resides in me. I have ‘willpower’ and ‘intention’ to win all-the-marbles in school & at-work.
• 14. “I already own all the Tools required for life-long success. I use SpeedReading101 to win promotions & bonuses.
• 15. SpeedReading helps me Save two-hours daily Online
That’s a lot. I read-and-remember 300-pages-daily like
JFK, LBJ, Nixon & Carter.
• 16. Why? “The faster you Learn, the faster you Earn.” I always have this Unique Competitive Advantage. This eight (8) word slogan motivates me.
• “Why is everything always working out for me?”
• Say what?
• “Why is everything always working out for me?”
That’s it. “I live in the here-and-the-now. I’m ‘Tuned-In,
‘Turned-On’ & Tapped-In, and give a 100% effort. That’s
what gets results. Easy-breezy. That’s what gets results.
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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