Air Transportor

Air Transportor, a very interesting online free game and you will find your patience and enthusiasm by participating in this game. In this game, you can learn how to load up and even to be a fireman who is not of frequent occurrence.

Before starting the game, you have to choose one kind of controls such as mouse control, keyboard control or common control. The first one is mouse control and in it you can use your mouse to control movement, left click to drop cargo. The second chioce is the keyboard control, arrow keys can be used to control helicopter. The last one is common control, which Q, W, E-shift ropes up, A, S, D-shift ropes down, Z, X, C-drop cargo, SPACE-equalize ropes length, and SHIFT to use free camera view.

If you are new to the game, you have to begin with Level one. And click Start to begin game, when in the air use your mouse to control movement direction. Press S to shift both ropes down, press W to shift them up. Try to link hooks with black anchors on a box.  Press X to unlink, if something goes wrong.  Transport box close enough to it’s place, then click mouse botton or press X to unlimk cargo.

You will come to Level two if you have successfully loaded up and in this level you will be involved in a forest fire disaster. The only thing you can do is fighting the fire so that the whole forest will survive. Grab the water container and water will release automatically when you are above the flames.

Hope you can enjoy this game and achieve the highest level. And you can download Air Transportor at and play Air Transportor in Online Game Downloader.

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