Antbuster Online Flash Game Download

Antbuster is very interesting tower defense flash game that you set the tower to protect your cake from being stolen by ants.

The ants about quit smart that they will not take the straight line to walk toward to the cake. They will also protect themselves from entering the tower range. So the safest way to kill the ants and protect your cake, you’d better plant your tower around the cake. Build three towers with different powers around the cake, and upgrade them to the top level. Then build other more towers with the crossed fire range.

The top level tower is not strong enough to kill quick moving ants, so build as many top level towers as you can, around the cake. That’s the only way you can gain higher points.

You can download Antbuster here by Online Games Downloader.

Tip: There is one thing bad in this flash game: Advertisement will show off each time you load the game. Sometimes you have to wait for 15 seconds, and sometimes 30 seconds. However, this game is insteresting, so just forgive it.


antbuster download

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