Let’s Dance for the World Cup

Are you crazy for the World Cup? Are you trying to look for a way to deliver your passion for your team and for the World Cup? Not a dancer? No problem! Come to play dancing game with us. No network? No problem. Try onlinegamesdownloader, it will download any dancing game for you and makes you enjoy the amentiy of playing any time any where.

No matter you are happy or dispressed, you can choose a dancing game to express how you feel and this soft ware will not cause you any harm.

Now,  Dance with me!

dancing game

This game is pretty easy, you just move your fingers and there is no need for the mouse. All you need to do is to press arrow keys, following the tips on the screen, everytime an arrowhead moves towards a blank button, you just press the right arrow key on the keyboard.

dancing game

And then, the monkey on the screen, who performs you, will dance smoothly and happily. But if you miss the arrow keys, press the wrong keys or press them in an inappropriate time, the monkey will refuse to  dance.

dancing game

Finally, the juge of this competition will score for your performance. May be you are the next Michael Jackson!

dancing game

What are you waiting for now? Come to play dancing game with us. Want to have a better performance? why not use onlinegamesdownloarder to download the dancing game for practice? Let’s dance for our World Cup!

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