Download World Cup Flash Game Football Challenge

Since there is a heat discussion about South Africa World Cup in every corner of world recently, many football fans and flash game lovers are seaching for a new and funny way to celebrate such a grand occasion. Well, why not use OnlineGamesDownloader to get a funny and meaningful flash game about world cup named “Football Challenge “. In this way, you are no longer a outsider of world cup, you are also ” in’ it, isn’t it great?

football game

This game just tests one but very crucial skill of  football players, that is shooting. You should alter the angle of your right foot to make sure that you can get a score. This means you must avert your ball from the scale which doorkeeper can extend. This game is very simple, so you can just move you hand across the door to determine the angle and use your forefinger to have a single click of your mouse to outshoot your ball.

football game

So, do you want to enjoy a football event? Do want to join the mass population of football lovers ? Or do you want to shoot out a football just like king of  football  Pele? Well, why not try OnlineGamesDownloader to download such  a playful and ethusiastic football flash game?

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