Easy-to-play Billiards

Billiards is a mouse control flash game. This article aims at introducing how to play it for the beginners. Hope it can do you a favor! Two modes are for you: 8-ball and Straight Poll. As a beginner, the latter is a better choice. For Straight Poll, three choices are available for you (see below).

Here, the last one is introduced. Just one-click on the third button will begin the game.  You are Player 1, and Computer is your opposite side. You two take turns to pocket the ball on the desk. There are 15 balls and a white cue ball for you in total.

Player 1, you, shall break the ball by click the mouse. If you pocket a ball on the break, 1 score is for you and you can continue to pocket another one. Computer will take your turn in case of your failure or scratching. No rules on which ball you should click to pocket. That is to say, you can shoot any ball on the desk. But you’d better shoot the one easily to be pocketed, if you want to be the winner. One score for each pocketed ball. The winner will be the one who pockets the most balls. In other words, the first one to pocket 8 balls is the winner.

Then how to shoot the ball?

Please look at above picture. The orange red one is your goal to shoot. You have to put your mouse on it, and then click your left button. The orange red ball will be shot by the cue ball and scroll into the pocket. Then you can get 1 score. By the way, a slight click on the left button will only lead to a short distance movement of the orange red ball, while if you press your left key down with a little force, a longer moving distance will be a pocket. No matter which ball you choose to shoot, you just need put your mouse on it, and a cue will come out automatically to serve you. Is it interesting?

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You can download this game here: http://playonlineflashgamesfree.com/billiards


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