EpicWar free download and walkthrough

EpicWar, another tower defense, free download and walkthrough. EpicWar, EpicWar 2, EpicWar 3 free download and walkthrough.

EpicWar just like another flash game on our site recommended: Age of War 2

However, unlike Age of War 2, there quite a lot missions you need to complish.

After accessed the game, you will get a map, on the map, all the missions are listed there, and you must play each mission step by step, otherwise the advanced mission will not be actived.

Well, the first three missions are quite simple. You can use the basic troops and bow to destrop the castle of enemy. Do remember, you need to fasten and enlarge the speed of mana. Otherwise your the number of troops can’t assisst you to destrop.

And after first three missions, you need access “Research” at the bottom of world map. Upgrade the skills of four types, otherwise you can’t survive from the battle. To upgrade your skills, you need EXP, and you can gain EXP after each war.

Here I strongly recommend you to follow my route:

Upgrade your troop, and you can call Human Knight. He is extremely powerful. A single Human Knight can fight with dozens of enemies in the fourth mission. Then upgrade other skills step by step.

You can free download EpicWar here by Online Games Downloader.

Note: This game is 12MB, you may be patient during downloading.

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