Feng Shui Dealing With Envy & Frustrations in Daily Relationships

What does the art and discipline of Feng Shui advises us when it comes to situations of either envy or great frustrations. Sure there are no shortage of conflicts and frustrations that we all encounter in our daily lives and interactions. Difficulties of personal finances and budgets versus our wants. Friends who either on purpose do us in or accidentally by sheer chance. Yet nothing bites deeper than a friend’s treachery for most. When people we take into lives and expend great trust do things or turn against us it’s like a dagger in our hearts. Envy by these same authorities can be classified in the same mold. After all you most likely have no ill intentions of them and then out of the blue ?perhaps even at an attempt you graciously host ?add in a few glasses of wine and words and phrases of great envy and disdain appear seemingly out of nowhere. Just what does Feng Shui advice us in such events and circumstances?

Envy and jealousy can lead to harmful behaviors. Say for instance gossiping, politicking and even destruction of material things as well as the friendship itself. That is the mobilestrikehackcheatsz.xyz/ reason why in some countries these two negative traits are termed as “evil eye”. If you are getting these from your friends, it has been a belief that it can cause you loss because of the negative energy these can give you.

Year 2011 has Jade 3, also known as the gossip star, positioned on the northern part of career sector. This means there is a high probability of back fighting among coworkers just to achieve more than the others. The severity of this case this year can even lead to court cases. Therefore it is a must that you protect yourself against this.

By the year 2012 Jade 3 will continue to prevail, this time focusing more on women. Meaning women will most likely to experience backbiting from friends next year. Another, the 3 Killings will also reign, causing legal conflicts, back fighting and chitchatting. Therefore it is crucial for everyone to be armed against these negative traits. Learn some Feng Shui control and prevention method that can help you in coping up.

Use the earth elements to prevent the negative energy from envy and jealousy. One way super mario run cheats to counter the negative effect of envy and jealousy is to build up support luck. You can do this by empowering the earth elements in the southwest part of your home and office. Add earth materials like stones and other earth elements on this direction. By doing so, you will develop a conducive environment for building good relationships. And you are most likely get help from other individuals.

Crystal balls can be used to melt down hearsay. With these positioned in the southwest angle of you home or office, bad-mouthing and damaging rumors will be put in a halt. It can also build up support system, so the probability of getting help from others increases.

Coin sword can aid in shunning envy and back fighting. If your home or office is provided with a large amount of negative and wood energy there is a high chance that you will experience damaging chitchats and envy. Displaying a coin sword can very much balance this. This can also negate all other bad effects of the black 2 star enclosing the south area of 2011 social status.

Place a lighted candle to burn the excess wood that causes harmful gossips. The watery north where the Jade 3 is positioned this 2011 has been a favorable environment for the growth of woods. This is in turn is responsible for rampant hurtful gossips. To drain this wood energy we have to burn them. Burning candles or intense light can cancel out the effect of Jade 3. In case your front door is positioned toward the watery north where this star falls it is advised that you hang fire wheel for safeguarding.

Get a fierce man to protect you against 3 Killings. This is the type of enemy that can strike anywhere, anytime so it is a must that you have a vigilant protector. For many knowledgeable in ancient Chinese history their protector comes in the form of the most stern general Kwan Kong as their best thesimsfreeplayhackcheat.xyz/simsfreeplayhack/ choice for candidate.

Lastly, determine the zodiac signs of the individuals that can serve as your better allies. Charts are available where you can find the zodiac signs that are compatible with yours. These individuals are most likely to support and help you out thus you avoid negative energy. Feng Shui!

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