Fujitsu Defender free download

fujitsu Defender

Fujitsu Defender is a kind of Tower defense flash game for fun. As the tower defense in War 3, it offers 10 towers to keep the enemies out of the end. Please check the following skills to get through all three stages.

In Fujitsu Defender, you can’t build too many towers, you have to build as less as you can, because all the towers will upgrade by attacking enemies, and they gain points through each attack. And once there are enough points, it will automatically update to level 2, 3, or even 13 (Level 13 is the top level I once upgraded.) Each time it upgraded, the damage will increase.

At the beginning, you just need to build the first and second towers, use all your money to increase the range, and then, build the fourth tower, this tower can reduce the speed of enemies.

Then use all money to increase attack speed of the first tower, until its speed to 9. Then build the last tower, upgrade its range and speed. then you can get through the first and second stage.

The third stage needs you to build more tenth towers.

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