Job Interview Skills – How To Deal With Unusual, Irrelevant Or Stupid Questions At Interviews

Yes, it actually happens – employers surprisingly ask irrelevant or stupid questions during a job interview! It may sound inappropriate but actually, it’s not. In today’s employment environment, each job interview is unique. Regardless of what position you are applying for, remember that each company and its interviewers have their own corporate culture and requirements when screening their candidates. Moreover, they also have their own preferences for interview questions.

A Job interview is a ‘give and take’ process. Employers sometimes include questions that are outside the realm of what would be considered as normal aspects share this site for a job interview. Such methods are designed to test how the interviewee responds to unexpected or even uncomfortable situations. It is also a method of determining an applicant’s skills and creativity in dealing any situation that might arise in a real working environment. While some employers may ask a question like “What was the last movie you watched?” others actually asks extraneous questions such as “What would I find in your vanity kit?”. These questions can either make an applicant stumble and laugh or confidently, and perhaps wittingly, answer the question. Consequently this could make her/him stand out from the best electric kettle reivews competition. Often, it could be a decisive factor for employers to either consider or eliminate a candidate’s suitability for the position.

While unique interview questions vary greatly, there are helpful steps that job aspirants can take to prepare themselves for such an eventuality.

Firstly remember that ‘practice makes perfect’, especially at job interviews. Conducting a mock interview with the help of a family member or friend can be a very helpful exercise. If you feel such practice is insufficient, then think of other methods that can be used to help you remain comfortable at all times throughout any interview process.

Secondly, job seekers should thoroughly re-acquaint themselves with their own background, experiences, and skills. Although it may sound peculiar, some people surprisingly do lose track of dominations hack tool online their own past achievements and hardly give a full answer to even basic questions. Job seekers should therefore refresh their memories before the interview and if necessary take some simple notes in to the interview with them..

Finally, always remember that a successful job interview is not only dependent upon how fast you are able to answer questions. It is also about showing confidence while answering questions and ensuring your interviewer is satisfied with your answers. Job interviews are aimed at measuring competency and to observe the personal style of each applicant. Hence applicants may take their time in answering each question asked. It is also a good job interview technique to ask clarifying questions or even to request a moment to think, so that you can respond factually and honestly rather than simply blabbing out some less sensible thought or even creating a fallacy.

Whilst job interviews can follow different styles and methods, each contributes in its own way to discovering as much as possible about the candidate, and indeed the organization, involved.

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