A pinch of salt, a glass full of harshness, a slice of lime. There is probably only one drink in the world that fits the description to the last drop. Tequila! That harsh Mexican drink that comes in little shot glasses that bar tradition dictates has to be flung into your throat at one go, preceded by licking a pinch of salt and followed by a bite of the lime. Hence the term lick, shoot, bite. Tequila is a drink not many prefer owing to its harshness. Reason why certain brands of Tequila come accompanied by salt and lime (or lemon if you prefer). This is to help mellow the harshness. The ideal way of having a tequila is to first wet the skin between your thumb and forefinger (to make the salt stick), pour on top a pinch of salt, then lift the shot glass full of tequila and swig it right down, followed immediately with a bite of lime – feel free to make a face, squeeze your eyes and pull your lips in as well, if the bitterness still gets to you.
Tequila is a strong drink reflecting the spirit of Mexico. Mexicans have their Tequila straight, no salt, no lime or lemon. It is a part of their history and the national drink of the country. The story of Tequila begins much before the town of Santiago De Tequila (the town after which the drink is named) located in the Los Altos highlands in the state of Jalisco, even came into being. It starts with the Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes, who led an expedition into the heart of the Aztec empire and conquered large tracks of Mexico establishing Spanish settlements at regular intervals. As luck would have it one day the Spanish settlers exhausted their brandy stock and decided to experiment with native liquor.
Taking a clue from the Aztecs (who much before had produced a viscous alcoholic beverage called Pulque from an indigenous plant called the Blue Agave – which is not a cactus as most think) the Spanish too turned to the sugar filled heart of the Blue Agave and invented Tequila. History credits one certain Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle, Marquis of Altamira as the first Spaniard who began mass producing Tequila in 1600.
Tequila is harvested much in the same way as it was hundreds of years ago, by hand! Jimadores (harvesters) put to use their extensive knowledge passed down generation to generation to first identify the appropriate plant (8-10years old) to harvest, then proceed with extreme sensitivity to extract the honey filled heart of the plant known as Pina. The harvested Pina is cut in halves and left in cooking ovens. The cooked fruit is passed through grinding blades to extract check here the honey water with fitness coupons and left to ferment (for 100% agave tequila the honey water is put in fermentation vessels; for non 100% agave tequila also known as Mixto Tequila, the extracted honey water is mixed with sugarcane or molasses sugar and then put in fermentation vessels) then comes the distillation process followed by aging in a barrel. An interesting fact is that Blue Agaves that grow in highlands are larger in size and sweeter than Agaves harvested in the lowlands. Another interesting fact is authentic Tequila comes only from the town of Tequila with Mexico claiming exclusive rights to the word Tequila.
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