Magic Pen Free Download And Walkthrough

Magic Pen is a cartoon like physics flash game. You may use the pen to drawl the object, and that object will fall to the ground. They may push or pry the ball to the red flag. The only mission you need to accomplish is move the ball to the flag. There are many missions here, and all of them are skillful. Come and challenge.

Each accomplished mission will count you how many objects you used during the mission.

The Operation:

A: Eraser, to erase the circles you drawled.

S: fix the object, making it stay there.

D: point the rotating point of drawled object.

S: Restart the mission.

Commonly there is no special skill that I can tell you. But during the game, if you can draw a ball like a ball, then you will accomplish half of mission. My drawled ball just has odd shape.

You can free download Magic Pen here through Online Games Downloader.

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