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We collected some frequently asked questiones here for people who using Online Games Downloader.

Q:  Can I know how to download red alert 2:yuri’s revenge for free, or any other computer games for free?

A: We are pretty sorry that Online Games Downloader can only download online flash games, or other flash things, like videos. It doesn’t support to download computer games. It is a tool for download and play flash games for free.

Q:  After I entered URL and clicked download button on Online Games Downloader, why it not only downloads flash games, but also the advertisement of that page?

A: At present, most of advertisements are design in Flash. Online Games Downloader will download all flash elements on that page, and give you choice for which one should be save. Usually most of flash advertisements are less than 100K, but a common flash games usually are bigger than 100K. So our default filter for the size of flash is 100K.

Due to this reason, if the flash games that you want to download is less than 100K, then you can’t find it through Online Games Downloader. At this time, please customzie the size of flash to keep.

Q: Where can I find the flash games that I downloaded?

A: The downloaded flash games were saved under the folder where you installed Online Games Downloader. For example, the default folder is C:\Program Files\Online Games Downloader, and you can find all downloaded flash games under flash folder.

Q: If I downloaded flash games by Online Games Downloader, am I disobeyed copyright?

A:  No one will touch the law if he just download, play and share flash games with his friends for free. Like Youtube downloader, it downloads all kinds of videos on youtube, doesn’t people disobeyed copyright of youtube?

What’s more, Online Games Downloader doesn’t only download flash games, but also all kinds of flash things. Most video sites, like youtube, hulu, etc. Online Games Downloader allows you to download them all.

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You can use Online Games Downloader to download flash games on the internet as well as all kinds of flash content on any website. Once you have downloaded flash games from any game website, you can play those downloaded flash games via Online Games Downloader directly anytime. It will turn to be a big flash games box, and you will not need to open multiple websites again.
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