P90X2 V-Sculpt– What You Need to Know

So what is V-Sculpt all about? The Fitness Guide says, “Want to look good on camera? This is your work out. P90X2 V Sculpt works the back and biceps, or the “actor muscles” as they’re called in Hollywood. Of course it’s still X2, which means the movements will all be done from an athletic stance, so strength gains will all be applicable to real-world movements (including out-posing your friends on the beach).”.

V-Sculpt is basically a back and biceps workout with X2 style core work. One thing I really like about P90X2 is variety of workouts, and this V-Sculpt workout is one of two ‘extra’ workouts provided with the P90X2 program. The instructions suggest this workout replace the ‘Chest, Back, & Balance’ workout in Phase 2 of the program.

I recommend that you complete P90X before starting P90X2. Some of these moves are not just lifting, but lifting while in a balance position and this will put your body in awkward positions that your body might not be ready for. If your balance isn’t very good and you have not worked out in awhile then don’t start your fitness journey with P90X2.

The P90X2 V-Sculpt Gear.
For the “P90X2 V-Sculpt” workout you “could” get away with just a towel, a sturdy chair and resistance bands. But you really don’t want to do that. Here is the official list of the equipment you should use for the V-Sculpt:.

1 Medicine ball.
Stability ball (or towel).
Foam Roller.
Pull-up bar (or bands with door attachment, Chin-up Max).
Resistance bands.
Plyo Box or Sturdy Chair.
Variety of dumbbells.
I know this might be getting repetitive, but if you are going to do P90X2 the right way– get all the gear. You will be much happier in the long run. With that being said, if you were traveling and had access to a DVD Player, you can do all these exercises with resistance bands (and the door attachment), a towel and chair.

P90X2 V-Sculpt Workout Notes.
The V-Sculpt Back Exercises.

About half of the 22 exercises in the V-Sculpt workout target the back, primarily via the pull-up bar, and these included a number of exercises already seen in earlier workouts, including no-kip pull-ups and chin-ups, the ‘Pull-up X’, and ‘Switch Grip Pull-ups.’.

There were also a few new variations. The ‘21 Pull-up’ required 7 low pull-ups (from dead hang to half top eleven cheats arm bend), 7 high pull-ups (half arm bend to top of bar), and finally 7 full range pull-ups. I could only manage 5 of each, so I still have something to shoot for.

Another interesting pull-up exercise was the ‘Around the World Pull-up,’ taking the dreaded ‘Corn-cob Pull-up’ from P90X a step further by requiring you to perform a full circle one way then the other.

The V-Scuplt Biceps Exercises.

The other half of the V-Sculpt workout focused primarily on the biceps. The ‘Renegade’ moves discussed below, most of the bicep exercises are pretty standard. These included hoverboard giveaways online a good mix of standard curl moves, as well as hammer curls.

One notable move was a Preacher Curl using the stability ball. This actually worked well and was really comfortable, as long as you don’t pick a weight that is too heavy that rolls you over the stability ball!

The V-Sculpt “Renegade” Exercises.

P90X2 V-Sculpt includes four ‘Renegade’ exercises. These exercises are performed in the plank (push-up) position, with two of the four incorporating a medicine ball.

The ‘Med Ball Renegade Row’ and ‘Med Ball Renegade Curl,’ as the names suggest, are performed with one hand resting on a medicine ball while the other performs the move. This definitely adds a new dimension to the exercises forcing you to tighten your core; otherwise, you’re going to slip off of the ball.

The 2 other moves, the ‘Renegade Roman Curl,’ and the ‘Renegade Hammer Curl’ are done without the ball. The ‘Roman Curl’ involves bringing the weight to your heart rather than need for speed no limits cheats tool straight up.

Why did they include band exercises?

For the rest of the P90X2 program, bands were always available as an option for most of the moves. V-Sculpt actually requires you to use bands for two of the exercises; the ‘Wide Leg Row Twist,’ and the ‘Roman Band Curl.’ Neither exercise displayed a dumbbell modification as part of the workout. I reviewed the workout before the first time I did it, and I was kinda put off about using the bands, but you know what? After doing the exercises, I really enjoyed it and got a lot of them. Variety is a spice of life.

The V-Sculpt Workout Sequence.
The Warm Up Routine.

Stability Ball Twist.
Stability Ball Squat.
Stability Ball Side Stretch.
Alternating Back Lunge with Stability Ball.
Atlas with Stability Ball.
Foam Rolling.
Roller Angel.
Roller Sphinx.
World’s Greatest Stretch.
Inch Worm.
Scapular Retraction.
P90X2 V-Sculpt Workout.

Around the World Pull-Ups.
Alternating Hammer Curls.
Medicine Ball Renegade Row.
Band Bicep Curl.
Pull-Up X.
Medicine Ball Renegade Curl.
Wide Leg Row Twist.
Balance Dumbbell Curl.
Switch Grip Pull-Ups.
Roman Band Curls.
21 Pull-Up.
Water Break.

Entman’s Chin-Ups.
Ball Preacher.
Stability Ball Lawnmower.
Renegade Roman Curl.
Zip Kip Pull Ups.
High Rep Balance Curls.
Straight Arm Pull Over.
Renegade Hammer Curl.
Zip Kip Chin-Ups.
Close Body Curls.
Cross Fugly Pull-Ups.
The Cool Down.

P90X2 V-Sculpt Final Thoughts.
Then you are definitely going to like p90X2 V-Sculpt, if you are a P90X fan. This work out has a lot of variety and is certainly challenging.

Here is my video review about the P90X2 V-Sculpt workout:.

Please feel free to share them with others if you have enjoyed my reviews and found them informative.

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I would love to hear your questions and comments. Feel free to leave your comments or you can contact me directly at Good luck with P90X2!

Be well,.

yaakov … Yaakov Bar Am– Team Bar Am.

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