Putting Someone “On Ice”

I was reading a book by Patricia Cornwell yesterday, and in the book, the main character’s grandmother puts negative, harmful and cruel people “in the freezer”. The main character observes that her freezer is probably chock full of nothing but people who’ve done somebody wrong at some point. He beats his wife? Into the freezer. She kicks her dog? Into the freezer. Someone stole from you? Into the freezer. I had to laugh, because as soon as I read it, I knew exactly share this website what he meant.
No, his grandmother wasn’t some serial killer with a freezer full of frozen body parts. It was full of what were, as I first heard of it, people put “on ice”. There are different variations of it, but basically, it’s a harmless way of keeping people who have been deliberately causing you trouble out of your hair.
Like I said, it’s harmless, in that no harm comes to share more content those put “on ice”. Putting someone “on ice” is just a way to block their negative energy, and prevent them from causing you any further harm or trouble.
Here’s the way I learned how to do it. It’s really simple to do, and takes all of maybe five minutes:
1. Write the person’s name (a full name isn’t necessary if you only know their first name, or their nickname) on a small piece of paper.
2. Fold the paper in three, and then fold it in three again, and so on, until you can’t possibly fold it any more.
3. Put the piece of paper into a small freezer-safe container of water. If you want, you can put the paper into a sealable freezer bag first. Don’t use glass because it can expand and break in your freezer. Frozen popsicle makers mobile strike hack cheats are great for this, which led one of my friends to refer to them as “Hexsicles”.
4. Put the container in the freezer, and just leave it there as long as needed.
That’s all there is to it! My own experiences with putting someone “on ice” have been fairly positive. A landlord who seriously neglected needed repairs in the place I was living sold the house, and I ended up getting a great new apartment with a phenomenal landlord. A friend’s problem co-worker got a great job offer someplace else. A difficult upstairs neighbor moved to another neighborhood, and their apartment was rented to a really nice older couple from the area.

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