Questions & Answers in Online Games Downloader I

1. What is Online Games Downloader?
Online Games Downloader is a tool designed for computer users who love flash games.

2. What role Online Games Downloader plays?
It downloads all kinds of flash games on any website, saves games into computer automatically, and helps gamers play downloaded flash games by it directly.

3.  Is it free and safe?
Yes, it is a total freebie without virus, adware and spyware.

4. How to download flash games with Online Games Downloader?

1), download and save Online Games Downloader in computer,
2), copy the flash game site into the blank tab before the “download” button, and click the button,
3), then, the flash game will be download into your computer in seconds,
4), when play the game, users just need to find and double click the left mouse button to start is.

5. If I want to change the disk to save my flash games by Online Games Downloader, how to do?
Click “options” button in the interface–>change targeted area in “Options” dialog box–>Click “OK”

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You can use Online Games Downloader to download flash games on the internet as well as all kinds of flash content on any website. Once you have downloaded flash games from any game website, you can play those downloaded flash games via Online Games Downloader directly anytime. It will turn to be a big flash games box, and you will not need to open multiple websites again.
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