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Robokill is a kind of shoot and RPG flash game. You can download Robokill by Online games download in this article. And we will teach you how to place the game.

After you entered the game, you will control a small robot with basic guns and armors. Just push left button of your mouse, it will keep shooting. Don’t worry, you have unlimited bullets to waste. Once you have more guns and armors, you can drag them onto Robot, it will equip them immediately.

And during the game, you need to search every room in spaceship, and get the advanced guns and armors to equip your little robot.

Check out the screenshot of Robokill, you will see that you can hand 4 guns and 4 armors. Simply to say, with more expensive gun, your power is bigger.

During the game, remember to put your mouse point to the enemies, and use “wasd” to move around. It’s pretty easy to control. And you have unlimited lives, the only loss after your robot dead is $300 to get back.

Check the map and make sure that all rooms are searched, otherwise you may not open door which is locked by password.

You can download Robokill here by Online Games Downloader.

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