Several Online Flash Games

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p>Online flash games spread everywhere in the internet. Types and numbers of the online flash games are numerous. We talk about several online flash games, according to our survey, which are popular in the internet.

Power Rangers Game

Power Rangers Games are popular among the kids. These types of games are all over the internet and are relatively easy to play.

the Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man is created by Nintendo Game Boy. The story of spider-man is the reason why the Amazing Spider-Man is so popular. Spider-man is bitten by a radioactive spider, now fights crime as the Amazing Spider-Man. He begins the game through a phone call with Mysterio, who tells him that his wife has been kidnapped. Spider-Man travels through the city, fighting criminals and arch-villains in an attempt to get his wife back.

Papa’s Pizzeria

It is created by Flipline Studios. You can learn about the game characters, buy merchandise, check high scores. Baking action: make money by cooking your pies on time with the right ingredients.


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