Shadez 2 Download and Walkthrough

“Mission Failed!” When you heard this, what do you think? Do you remember the days we were playing Red Alert, and met failed mission? When one step closer to success, you got back to the very beginning for a severe blow. Red Alert controled players happyness and sadness at that time. Today, SHADEZ 2, this small flash game still affect your emotion. Yes, this RTS flash game has something related with Red Alert. It used the idea of Red Alert with different style and operation, asteroids tactic game!

If you are surprised after check the information above? Because no asteroids game has anything related with RTS game. But today is different, creative game vendors got more and more ideas. Asteroids and RTS game has been developed. If your mind is still hold on the square map, you are already OUT! Try this flash game!

Game Menu:

Click Start Game to access main menu

* start a campaign
* continue campaign
* Start askirmish
* instructions

Game’s Operation:

* WASD to move the screen
* Mouse to control the troops
* Double click or CTRL + left click to select the same troop
* Shift + Mouse + Numbers can organize into teams
* [ Esc ] : Cancel the selection
* [ F ] : Fasten the speed of game
* [ Z ] : Zoom in or out Screen
* [ P ] : Pause


* [ 0 ]~[ 9 ] :Select the Troop (The team which has been already organized)
* [ H ] : Base
* [ B ] : Barracks
* [ V ] : Cehicle Factory
* [ F ] : Airport
* [ C ] : Backup Center

You can download Shadez 2 here by Online Games Downloader

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