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Jhola bags are traditional Indian carry bags that are medium sized. A majority of them are handmade.
Handcrafted with taste are these jhola bags that have become an integral part of the overall persona of most Indians. Irrespective of their age, and sex. And this observation is true of the entire country and is not specific to only a few regions in the country. Handmade jholas made of cotton, and even jute, etc are an established cottage industry that is the source of employment to lakhs of poor artisans. More than few states have in place a sound system and the required infrastructure that caters to the growth of this sector.
Handcrafted jholas are being made in quite a few Indian States!
Many states are contributing to the production and the overall advancement of this cottage sector. But all the same, it is Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh that lead the way when it comes to cotton made jholas. West Bengal obviously is the cent re when it comes to handcrafted jhola bags that are made of the fibre called jute. The creativity of the artisans gets manifested on these otherwise simple looking bags. They bring into display their skills and embellish the jhola bags with very innovatively and intricately done bead work, mirror work, patch work, etc.
For designs, Jhola bags display a wide variety dominations cheats tool again. You have floral designs to geometric and even abstract forms and patterns all over them. What is more, each and every single jhola transports you into world that is rich in colours and visual imagery. Not to speak of the storage space and the easy manner in which y ou can put them on to your should and carry them around along with the goods put in them any where in total comfort.
Playing with colours, and beads, etc comes naturally to them!
Starting with patch work, mirror work and embroidery of a very high level that involves sequencing and intricate hand knitting, the jholas not surprisingly have garnered more than their share of adulation and following.
The Kutch district boom beach cheats hack tool has always been a fertile land where craftspersons have sprung out without fail for generations together. We are talking about centuries here. Over time, these artisans have acquired an unmatched level of expertise that is only a matter of envy for others to follow. Even internationally, the handmade jholas and various other products of daily use that come out Gujarat are greatly sought after and there is vast quantity of these items that are exported to select countries.
Jholas – High value at low prices!
All this labour of love would be of no value had these handmade products were priced high. No. That is the real beauty of the whole venture. The handcrafted jhola bags are priced reasonably and you will be more than happy to shell out the required amount for them.

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