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Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! … Keep this safe and interesting Tomato Bounce game for you to relax. Download it  and play it with Online Games Downloader,  finding and enjoying the fun when you complete the carry all the tomatoes.

In this game, you have 5 lives, and your task is to bounce all the tomatoes across the kitchen to the table. Every time, you can get another life when you earn 500 points. But you will lose 1 life when a tomato crashes hitting the floor. Game over at zero life.

During the bouncing, there are different powers from ablove. Take care and find the advantages for you: red hears give you another life, plant food spray bottle gives you more points, and salt makes the paddle bigger, while tomato cans take away points and pepper makes the paddle smaller. And remember to keep your mouse over the spatula to control it well.

Seeing the cute tomatoes? Yes! They are waiting for you to get them to the table safely. Now, use online games downloader to get it and complete it.

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