Tower Bloxx Free Download And Walkthrough

Tower Bloxx is a kind of building flash game. There is a city for you to build buildings there.

Totally you need to build 20 buildings in this city. And there are four kinds of buildings here.

At the beginning of the game, you have to building the lowest but the most stable building, the blue one. The rope with the parts of building will dance on the sky, and once it is at the perfect position, you must throw it onto the building.

Here is a tip for you to build the building: when the rope dances to the top left, you can throw it immediately, you will gain higher points if the two blocks make perfectly together. However, you can only use this tip in first two kinds of buildings, the Bule and Red ones.

After that the green and yellow building will dance as well, and it can hardly control the way to build it. But that’s the way of interesting.

Note: you should build blue building to enlarge the scale of city, otherwise you can’t build more buildings.

See how much score you will get.

You can download Tower Bloxx here by Online Games Downloader.


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